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How To Setup Lobby Display


Step 1

Congrats on downloading the Lobby Display app.

Step 2

To start building your app login into your Lobby Display account, the login is located at the bottom of the sign in page of

Step 3

From here you will notice “My New App.” This is where we will build your lobby display app.

Step 4

Before we start building your app, let’s add some pictures and logos to display on your app.

Step 5

Head to the “Media Library” to start adding your documents and pictures.

Step 6

Finished loading all your pictures? Great! Now let’s head back to your new app on the website.

Step 7

Let’s start by adding a “key” name. This “key” will allow us to load our app onto the iPad. This key will be visible to others so be sure to choose one you do not mind sharing.

Step 8

Next let’s click the add logo button and choose a logo from your recently upload photos from the media gallery.

Step 9

Time to start adding custom sections. How about a directory?

Step 10

Click the “add section” button followed by the “directory” button.

Step 11

Simply type a name, position, and number in for the tenants you would like to include on your directory. Your directory cannot be alphabetized after the fact, so make sure you put your list in the order you are happy with.

Step 12

Next let’s add a description of your business. This is a good way to introduce people to your company.

Step 13

Click the “add section” button again followed by the “text” button this time.

Step 14

Type your description into this box and we will also change the name of this button to “Description”

Step 15

This is how we start our apps on Lobby Display. Once you have finished building all the custom buttons it is time to move to the iPad.

Step 16

On your iPad pull up the Lobby Display app and enter the “key” you made for your new app.

Step 17

Congrats! You built your new Lobby Display, and it is ready to be shown to the world.

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